How To Guides: Help on your Journey

How To Guide 1: Getting Started with Making your own Kefir

Kefir is great for your health! Homemade kefir is even better. This How to Guide teaches you the what and how of getting started with your own live kefir grains. What are they, exactly? Where can you get them? How do you feed them? All these questions are answered, and more!

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How to Guide 2: Making Lindburgh Relish

We think of relish as being chopped cucumber in a vinegar-based brine. However, a relish can be any combination of vegetables and even fruits!

Why make Lindburgh relish? Recipe writers claim it "will keep indefinitely." I always eat mine before indefinitely comes, but this is a great addition to your food preservation repertoire. Lindburgh Relish stores well in a crock, and if you have a cold storage room or root cellar, it therefore requires no electricity. I eat mine through the winter when fresh veggies from the homestead are more scarce.

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How to Guide 3: How to Support Native Pollinators

This How to Guide is a link to a guest blog post I wrote for Wildlife Preservation Canada in 2020. This is an organization doing crucial work to save Canadian animals on the brink of extinction. In their own words: "Since 1985, we've been saving critically endangered species--species whose numbers in the wild are so low that a great deal more than habitat protection is required to recover them."

In my guest post, I write about my own efforts to maintain as much of the natural meadow land on Half-Acre Homestead as possible in order to support the native pollinators here. I hope you will enjoy this post, which includes links to resources for anyone interested in supporting our native pollinators! While you are there, be sure to check out the rest of their website, which records their admirable efforts on behalf of many native endangered species.

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How to Guide 4:  How to Use Quilting to Save Damaged Clothing

Bleach stains on a new shirt met their match in my talented Aunt. In this How to Guide, I share how she used her quilting ability and creativity to rescue her damaged shirt. These days more than ever, it is important to share ideas on how to conserve and preserve our resources.

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How to Guide 5: How to Get Started with Beekeeping

Would you like to produce your own honey? Are you thinking about getting bees?  This How To Guide contains valuable resources and helpful ideas from my own experience getting started with beekeeping.

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How to Guide 6: How to Protect Yourself from Ticks 

Spring is here and many of us are wanting to spend more time outdoors. However, ticks are a cause for concern. In this How to Guide, I will share information on tick behaviour and biology so that you can outsmart them and stay safe. I will also share my own personal protection plan that keeps me safe in a heavily infested area.

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Coming Soon! How to Shift a Difficult Mood

An important part of self-sufficiency is your self-sufficiency of mind. It is possible to cultivate a calm mind that allows you to navigate life's challenges more effectively. However, this is not easy! Like a lot of valuable skills it takes perserverance and consistent effort over time. This How To Guide offers you strategies that can help you get started with shifting a difficult mood.