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I launched this website to share my knowledge about self-sufficiency with people just like you. Every day, I live close to the earth in a small, sustainable Eco-Cabin I am building through my own efforts. I grow my own food, make my own plant-based medicines and stay strong through my attention to preventative health.

The website seed has been planted! There's lots of great, healthy stuff growing here on the homestead that I'd like to share with you. Did I mention that I offer a fantastic online course at no charge to subscribers? I share my unique wholistic approach to self-sufficiency in eight lessons to help you on your own journey! See right below to get started.

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Growing Self-Sufficiency: The Whole Picture


Self-Sufficiency is much more than just growing your own food. What other parts of ourselves and our lives can we grow to become truly self-sufficient? That is what I'll show you in this unique mini-course with 8 videos and self-reflective exercises. Get my best tips in key areas of self-sufficiency! You will also join the Half-Acre Homestead community and receive all the latest updates fresh from the homestead.

Your confidentiality will be maintained at all times. Your information will never be shared or sold.

What's Unique Here for You


  • I live and teach WHOLE PERSON self-sufficiency: Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Interested? Sign up today for my Free Intro Course to learn more.


  • Looking for practical info you can start using today? My How-To Guides are there to help you get started. Want to keep bees? Make your own Kefir? Stay Safe from Ticks (to name a few)? I got you covered!


  • Interested in herbalism and foraging? I teach Whole Gardening, a form of creative organic gardening that welcomes edible and medicinal "weeds" to the garden that also support native pollinators. Check out my BLOG for great updates on my garden!


  • Are you crazy about Tiny Homes, too? Learn from someone with over 20 years of Tiny Home experience (ya, before they were even a THING!) and five years experience completely off-grid in a tiny home on wheels. I built a whole Tiny Homes Resource Center for tiny home enthusiasts. Look above for the Tiny Homes tab!


  • How DOES a woman in her late forties with no background in construction ACTUALLY design and build an eco-cabin? AND what the heck IS an eco-cabin??? I also share my designing and building stories on my Tiny Homes page!


  • My home, my gardening, and my life are all informed by my deep energetic connections to plants, animals and all of nature. Living sustainably and deeply connected to this half-acre brings me a great deal of joy, which I love to share with you through my teachings and writings.


Resources for every stage of the journey

Online courses

Sharing my lessons learned to help you on your journey is my passion. I bring my background in education and research and combine it with my sense of adventure and fun.

Growing Self-Sufficiency: The Whole Picture is my signature course, an introduction to my wholistic approach to self-sufficiency. It will be a prerequisite for my more advanced courses coming in 2023.

1-on-1 coaching

I would love to hear from you and help you reach your own goals. Together we can focus on any topic area you are interested in.

Work towards achieving your dreams with personalized guidance from an off-grid homesteader with lots of know-how and a can-do attitude.

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How To Guides

Learn skills for a more self-sufficient life. You can do it! These guides cover a huge range of topics: from food preservation to protecting you and your family from tick bites.

The Half-Acre Homestead community has also requested key topics. What are you interested in doing? Drop me a line through email and let me know!

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Nature is doing her best each moment to make us well. Why, nature is but another name for health.



Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.

William Wordsworth

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