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Are you interested in tiny homes and sustainable housing? With over twenty years of experience in tiny homes, I guess you could say that I'm somewhat of a tiny home expert.  I've designed three tiny homes myself, lived in four, including my current home, my 18 by 24 foot eco-cabin. This resource center is for you: I'm sharing my tiny home expertise so that you can learn from my experience.


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NEW IN 2022! Eco-Cabin Plans Now for Sale!!!

I am so excited to be making the plans for my Eco-Cabin publicly available at last! This innovative design has a great deal to offer anyone even considering building their own small home. Simplicity....Sustainability...Small Footprint with a spacious feel. Get an affordable head start on your own dream home design.

To learn more about the amazing features of the Eco-Cabin, access the Tiny Home Resource Guide below.

Interested in learning more about buying the plans? 

Eco-Cabin Plans for Sale: Take Me There!

My Tiny Home History in Photos

My Early Tiny Homes

As a child, I spent a lot of time on a small sailboat that my parents built in their garage. Yes, you heard that right! Built in their garage!

In 1992, I lived in a TEENY TINY single person tent for five months while I travelled and camped all over New Zealand. The photo is of me hiking there. 

In 1996, I lived in a 12 by 12 foot tiny home/bunkie for several months up North on the edge of Algonquin Park.

My Tiny Home Trailer 1999-2004

I lived in this 22 foot Corsair trailer three seasons of the year for five years. At the time, I wondered "Why can't I do this all year round?"

My Off-Grid Tiny House on Wheels 2016-2021

I designed this tiny house and lived in it for five years while I built my eco-cabin. I learned a ton about off-grid living and built the best features of this tiny home into my eco-cabin design.

My Eco-Cabin
2021- The Present

I used passive solar features in my eco-cabin design to reduce heating costs during our Canadian winter. At 18 by 24 feet, space is used wisely. The eco-cabin provides a model of sustainable housing for the future of our planet. Creative and innovative design features allow the cabin to be off-grid ready. Less can be more!

Tiny Home Resource Library

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What is an Eco-Cabin?

What is so "Eco-" about this Cabin??? Why build a tiny home on a foundation? What are the sustainable features of this design? Get all of the details here!

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How Can Buying Plans Early Save you Time and Money?

If you're interested in sustainable small housing, giving your architect a starting point for a design can save time and money. I share the process I went through using plans to work with my architect to finally reach the perfect design: my eco-cabin!

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Progress Report on Eco-Cabin Build

If you are interested in the process of building a small cabin, this post will provide lots of details. I share my successes and challenges, the steps of building and lots of process photos!

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What are the Final Steps Required So You Can Finally Move In?

What are the final steps of the building process before you undergo an occupancy inspection? How did I use reclaimed materials in my earth-friendly design?

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Minimalism and Tiny Home Living

Is there a connection between minimalism and tiny homes? As a long time tiny home dweller, I offer my thoughts.

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Want to build, but you're on a budget? In this upcoming resource article, I share my own successes on financing the eco-cabin build creatively.

Is Your Tiny Home Ready for Winter?

Living Tiny in our Canadian winter sometimes isn't easy. Here are some great tips on how I do it.

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Winter Off-Grid in my Tiny Home but not Winter Off-Guard

Preparing for winter when you live off-grid takes some skills and planning. I run down the list with you on what I do to make sure the power stays on during our Canadian winter.

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