Dreaming of Building your own Sustainable Tiny Home?

Speaking from experience, building is a process. Having Ontario Build Code certified plans to start with can save you time and money. With the passive solar features of this cabin and the small footprint, you'll also be helping our planet. What's not to love?

What's Included in These Plans?


These plans include all of the information that you need to build this cabin to the Ontario Build Code in an easily printable pdf format:

- Elevation images of each side

-First floor and Attic framing plans (see photo on right for sample)

-Complete window and door schedule

-Concrete slab on grade designed by an engineer

-Floor plan

-Mechanical plan

-All details of Exterior Wall and Roof Structure

- Computer generated images of the completed exterior and the interior

How Buying Plans Can Help You Get Started

Building and Designing is Rarely a One-Step Process. You wouldn't want it to be! Before I got to my final Eco-Cabin design, I used plans I had bought 25 years ago to work on one design with an architect. As I learned more about what I wanted, especially about building costs and efficient use of resources, I was able to design my Eco-Cabin exactly as I wanted it. If you want to learn more about the benefits of buying plans, check out my Tiny Home Resource Article on this topic:

Benefits of Buying Plans: Take Me There!

Why Build an Eco-Cabin?

If you are interested in tiny homes and want to build a permanent one, this is a great design!

-Passive solar features keep heating costs low

-Sustainable small footprint

-Vaulted ceiling and usable attic space open to below

For more information on all of the great features of the innovative Eco-Cabin, check out my Tiny Homes Resource Article:

What is an Eco-Cabin?: Take Me There!

Yes, I'm Interested!
What do they Cost?

Get a great start on building your own sustainable dream home for only CA$375. Complete plans can easily cost $1000. Use these affordable plans to learn about effective building methods and save money with your local architect. Win win!

To buy, simply email me at [email protected] to start the process.