Off-grid? Tiny house? Eco-cabin? You CAN do it. I am living proof.

Colette Kenny

Hi, I'm Colette Kenny

This is my Story

I am a seventh-generation homesteader with dirt beneath my fingernails and farming in my blood. Although I grew up in the big city, I always knew I would return to my country roots. I am now living the life I always dreamt of, deeply connected to nature. 

I lived completely off-grid in a tiny house I designed for five years while saving to buy my land. Then, I designed an 18 by 24 foot eco-cabin, a first in our township. I have done a great deal of the construction myself, with no prior experience!

I would like to share my journey and the skills I've learned along the way with you. Off-grid living, herbal medicines, organic gardening: it's all here. What are you dreaming of doing yourself?

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