Off-grid? Tiny house? Eco-cabin? You CAN do it. I am living proof.

Colette Kenny

Hi, I'm Colette Kenny

This is my Story

I am a seventh-generation homesteader with dirt beneath my fingernails and farming in my blood. Although I grew up in the big city, in my childhood I always spent time on our family farm, connecting with the animals and spending time alone in nature. I always knew I would return to my country roots. I am now living the life I always dreamt of, deeply connected to nature. 

I lived completely off-grid in a tiny house I designed for five years while saving to buy my land. Then, I designed an 18 by 24 foot eco-cabin, a first in our township. I have done a great deal of the construction myself, with no prior experience!

In all things, I try to make my own health and lifestyle an example of the Half-Acre Homestead journey. Here are some of the other experiences and knowledge I can share with you:

  • I am 53 years young, in perfect health, taking no prescription medications. More than one of my doctors has told me my body is at least 10 years younger than my actual age!!
  • I work off the homestead, milking 130 cows on a local farm and can out shovel youngsters less than half my age. I thrive on this physical activity and absolutely love the cows.

I also offer the following to our Half-Acre Homestead Community:

  • Years of experience gardening, in the big city, small towns, and out in the country
  • Tons of experience in food preservation, including some of the old, trusted farm methods for preserving food without electricity
  • A long-held passion for natural medicines and herbalism, including wildcrafting remedies and teas
  • Sustainable and small/tiny home experience that goes back over 20 years. I have designed three tiny/small homes and lived in four: my trailer home (8 by 24 feet), a tiny bunkie up near Algonquin Park, and my tiny home on wheels (8 by 24 feet) and my current eco-cabin (18 by 24 feet).
  • Decades of experience as a professional researcher and writer
  • Decades of experience teaching, mainly in adult education, including being part of a team that won a Canadian national teaching award.

I would like to share my journey and the skills I've learned along the way with you. Off-grid living, herbal medicines, organic gardening: it's all here. What are you dreaming of doing yourself? Please click on my Contact tab to get in touch with me and let me know how I can support your own journey towards self-sufficiency.

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Sharing my lessons learned to help you on your journey is my passion. I bring my background in education and research and combine it with my sense of adventure and fun.

Growing Self-Sufficiency: The Whole Picture is my signature course, an introduction to my approach to self-sufficiency. It will be a prerequisite for my more advanced courses coming in 2023.

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I would love to hear from you and help you reach your own goals. Together we can focus on any topic area you are interested in.

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Learn skills for a more self-sufficient life. You can do it! These guides cover a huge range of topics: from food preservation to protecting you and your family from tick bites.

The Half-Acre Homestead community has also requested key topics. What are you interested in doing? Drop me a line through email and let me know!


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Growing Self-Sufficiency: The Whole Picture


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